The Current State of Analytics: Implications for Learning Management System (LMS) Use in Writing Pedagogy. Computers and Composition

Abstract Excerpt

Amid the burgeoning interest in and use of academic and learning analytics through learning management systems (LMS), the implications of big data and their uses should be central to computers and writing scholarship. In this case study we describe the UMN Canvas LMS experience in such as way so that writing instructors might become more familiar with levels of access to academic and learning analytics, more acquainted with the analytical capabilities in LMSs, and more mindful of implications of learning analytics stemming from LMS use in writing pedagogy. We provide a historical account on the development and infusion of LMS in writing pedagogy and demonstrate how these systems are affecting the way computers and composition scholars consider writing instruction and assessment. We then respond critically to the collection of data drawn from the authors’ use of these systems in on-campus and online teaching. We conclude with implications for writing pedagogy along with a matrix for addressing ethical concerns.